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    Brief Introduction

    CMST Development Co., Ltd. (CMSTD) is a state-controlled A-share listed company with both Chinese and foreign investment. The actual controller of CMSTD is China Chengtong Holdings Group Co. Ltd., a large state-owned enterprise that is directly under State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council, with Global Logistic Properties (GLP) being the second biggest shareholder, a leading global logistics and industrial real estate operator.

    Since its establishment in 1996, CMSTD has been growing by leaps and bounds under the support of its partners and with the concerted efforts of its employees. CMSTD has now developed into a world-renowned, China’s biggest warehouse logistics operator with its asset value, net asset and average annual profit reaching 21.7 billion Yuan, 10.6 billion Yuan and over 1 billion Yuan respectively, its physical networks covering the main cities nationwide and major economic regions worldwide and its business scope involving logistics for futures and spot delivery, bulk commodity supply chain, Internet + logistics, project logistics, logistics for consumer goods and finance logistics, etc.

    Globally-distributed Warehouse Logistics Platforms

    With its warehousing networks distributed in world major economic regions such as Asia, Europe and America and its logistics parks set up in more than 20 provinces, province-level municipalities and autonomous regions in China, CMSTD has built up its China-based warehouse logistics capabilities to offer services globally and to provide Chinese and foreign enterprises with logistics support for their business globalization.

    Well-equipped Warehouse Logistics Platform

    CMSTD logistics parks and centers cover a total floor area of approx. 10 million square meters, of which 3 million square meters are open storage ground and 3 million square meters or so are warehouses. With a total of 57 railway sidings, CMSTD is competent in offering combined road-railway and road-river transportation services. To cater to the market demand, CMSTD has continuously improved and upgraded its infrastructure facilities and is able to offer services in terms of commodity and materials warehousing and transportation, on-line and offline transactions, information release, tax administration, catering and accommodation, etc.

    By actively boosting its warehousing technologies, and bringing in and innovating on the intelligent warehousing system, CMSTD is transforming its traditional logistics centers into information centers and data collection platforms.

    China Storage Indexes jointly released by China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing and CMSTD.

    Warehouse Logistics Platform Trusted by Customers

    With “quality, efficiency, convenience and satisfaction” as its service tenet and by virtue of its over 50 years’ experience, CMSTD has laid down explicit working standards towards various kinds of goods and materials and has constantly enhanced its basic management, optimized its business procedures and improved its service capabilities. Through the perfect safety management system and with continuous input in educational training, facilities and equipment, CMSTD ensures the “zero” occurrence of safety accidents.

    Taking integrity as its creed, CMSTD has established long-term cooperative relations with a good many customers. In 2015, CMSTD put forth the concept of “Trustworthy Warehouses of China” to pledge to the market that “there will be no shortage of inventories, bills are true and valid, surplus goods will be returned, and quality and efficient services will be provided”.

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