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    Project Logistics

    CMST has a contingent of engineering logistics professionals with strong service awareness, extensive knowledge and rich experiences, and the professionals can provide proprietor units or project contractors with comprehensive, professional and personalized door-to-door logistics solutions and can deliver equipment, materials and machineries needed for project construction from places of departure to construction sites safe and sound and in time. Engineering logistics services offered by CMST include ocean transportation, air transportation, land transportation, warehousing, cargo handling, packaging, customs declaration and inspection, ship chartering and space booking, port transfer, heavy-cargo transportation, logistics plan design and import and export policy consultation, etc., as well as services relating to chemical engineering, electric power, nuclear energy, water conservancy, metallurgy, mining, railway, airport, environmental protection, machinery manufacturing and infrastructure, etc.

    CMST successively handled the imports and domestic cargo transportation for more than one hundred key domestic projects, such as 500000 tons of synthetic ammonia of Yunnan Yuntianhua Co., Ltd, magnesium metal of salt lakes of Qinghai Province, Tianwan nuclear power, 4 million tons of coal-to-liquids of Shenhua Group, 1.2 million tons of PVC of Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd., 500000 tons of coal-to-olefin of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd., 600000 tons of methyl alcohol for Hebi Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd., Laibin B Power of GuangxiZhuang Autonomous Region, Zhongning Power Plant, extension construction of? Capital Airport, Xiaolangdi hydro project at the Yellow River, Wuyang Steel Works and Jungar opencast coal mine, etc., and ensured the operation of the projects as scheduled.

    CMST actively carries out the national“Going Global”strategy and“Belt and Road Initiative”and, depending on its branches and agency networks worldwide, has offered logistics services for dozens of overseas projects, such as Egyptian Carbon, Vietnamese Ca Mau chemical fertilizer, Vietnamese nitrogen chemical fertilizer, Indonesian PKG phosphoric acid, Vietnamese Ha Tinh Steel Plant, Japanese ITER conductor, Indonesian OKI water treatment, Indonesian PJA ardealite, Turkish natural gas storage cavern, Kazan Alkali Plant in Turkey, International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), Ahvar Oil Refinery in Iran, North Azadegan Oil Plant in Iran, Mongolian canning plant, Myanmar DDP, power plant in Kazakhstan, Hyderabad Power Plant in Suez of Egypt, Houston Power Plant, and the seawater purification in Libya, etc.

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